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Chasing Butterflies

Strength through Passion.

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©h0llz @ snowykisses

i am a Rockstar♥
my name is Kimmie.
I AM the Princess♥
im allergic to practically everything.
i have the biggest heart ever.
i am Chilean. ♥ [bonita]
i have a teeny tiny shoe addiction.
toe cleavage is hotttt<3
i have a minor obsession with the color pink. ♥
i love the sound of roaring engines
i andheartssemicolon Jesus.
polka dots make me happy =o]
i speak 3 languages.
i have 6 tattoos and still counting...
Journey is the greatest band of all time.
Sinead O'Connor is love.
I adore Cary Brothers. ♥
i am a camerawhore.
i love to try to be good at video games.
i can do anything i put my mind to.
i LOVE to bake, craft, decorate, etc.
i make people jealous.
& you'll get over it.
-trust me.-
i am the bestest ever. THE END.


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